2016 Goals and Action Plan

My 2016 Goals:

1. Become credit card debt free.
2. Lose 15kg.
3. Get my car repaired. ACHIEVED 29/4/16
4. Make writing a habit.

My 2016 Action Plan:
1. Construct a budget. Reduce extra expenses and subscriptions. Give myself a reasonable food and fuel allocation. Prioritise 50% of remaining money (after food and fuel allocation, bills paid) to paying off the smallest bills first. Pay off HSBC, Commonwealth card then NAB card. Other 50% of remaining money gets divided up into emergency fund and car repair fund.
2. Read The Fast Diet. Spend 30 minutes each Sunday organising fast days, exercise and food allowance. Allow 500 calories 2 days a week, 2000 calories 5 days a week. Weigh in and measure weekly. If not losing weight, include more exercise gradually and reduce feast days down to a sustainable amount. Calorie count if necessary.
3. Locate a repairer. When car repair fund reaches $2000, contact repairer and organise a vehicle for the duration.
4. Look back at seachange course on writing. Review ‘How to write better’ course. Implement a writing habit and structure.

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