100 Dreams List

  1. Bake a loaf of bread for someone
  2. Get to 60kg
  3. Do 3 handstand pushups
  4. Meditate everyday for a whole year
  5. Journal everyday for a whole year
  6. Grow coriander and use it in a dish
  7. Shave my head
  8. Go without electricity for 1 week
  9. Have own business
  10. Work in Antarctica
  11. Read the Happiness Project
  12. See the Minimalist documentary
  13. Have an active blog
  14. Go hiking overnight
  15. Snowboard on every continent
  16. Stay awake for more than 24 hours
  17. Beat Dad at something physical
  18. Get boxing lessons
  19. Own 2 dogs
  20. Buy a house
  21. Be debt free as an adult (does not have to include home loan)
  22. Throw out most of my possessions
  23. Live out of a bag
  24. Learn a new language
  25. Learn to play the piano
  26. Watch Antarctica a year on ice
  27. Watch the entire Joanna Lumley The Nile series
  28. Read the Casual Vacancy
  29. Float for 2 hours
  30. Buy Karen and Bill a float
  31. Do volunteer work for the environment
  32. Speak to John Marsden
  33. Adopt/foster a child
  34. Develop a relationship with Ingrid
  35. Reconnect with Nicola
  36. Be anxiety free and off all medications
  37. Have a full mouth of teeth in good condition
  38. Own a car that doesn’t need work on it
  39. Read Total Money Makeover
  40. Write a haiku
  41. Volunteer to read to people
  42. Stop watching TV for a week
  43. Live in a house without internet for a month (can use library/work internet)
  44. Take a writing course
  45. Spend a year without buying physical items (except food, personal hygiene items)
  46. A month without sugar
  47. A month of water as my only drink
  48. A vegan month
  49. A month without egg at all, not even traces of egg
  50. 100 days of making something creative everyday (a blog post, a short story, a poem, a drawing, something crochet/knitted, a new recipe etc)
  51. Crochet a queen size blanket for my bed
  52. Crochet a jumper/cardigan
  53. Have a hobby farm with plants, chickens and goats
  54. Cook a meal entirely from things grown by myself
  55. Learn to drive a manual car
  56. Make my own mayonnaise
  57. Watch High Fidelity
  58. Snowboard down excelerator without stopping
  59. Snowboard down rolercoaster without stopping
  60. Travel to Iceland
  61. Take a photo of the Chernobyl site
  62. Write a book
  63. Have a book published (can be by myself digitally)
  64. Have a photo I have taken blown up and framed
  65. Explode a watermelon with elastic bands
  66. Attend the float conference in Portland
  67. Read Ajax Penumbra
  68. Have no unread magazines in my possession
  69. Have no unread books in my possession
  70. Do 10 pull ups
  71. Establish a morning routine
  72. Practice morning routine 66 days in a row
  73. Watch season 4 of Wentworth
  74. Download all of Downton Abbey
  75. Watch all of Downton Abbey
  76. Post this list on my blog and in my room
  77. Use this list when feeling uninspired
  78. Read Nip/Tuck
  79. Read Lolita
  80. Finish taking notes on The Power of Less
  81. Tidy up all digital files
  82. Screenshot seachange then cancel
  83. Hire a life coach/mentor
  84. Be hired as a life coach/mentor
  85. Do a 90 second plank
  86. Do 10 unassisted sit ups
  87. Stop writing on heaps of little bits of paper and have a system in place
  88. Get rid of/process all my little bits of paper with writing on them
  89. Complete all the things on my to do list 7 days in a row
  90. Don’t break the chain for 100 days in a row
  91. Say no to something someone asks me to do
  92. Help someone in need
  93. Hand feed a kangaroo
  94. See a dingo
  95. Get IPL under my arms
  96. Have my eyebrows waxed by a professional
  97. Get a pixie cut for summer
  98. Have a capsule wardrobe
  99. Wear everything in my capsule wardrobe
  100. See tool play live

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