Things That Annoy Me

  • The absolute mess in Papua.
  • Young people who hate their lives writing about ‘life hacks’.
  • My lack of understanding of apple music.
  • TV advertisements designed to hook consumers into spending for the sake of spending.
  • My fitbit (see above dot point for reason).
  • Societies expectations.
  • Grass seeds.
  • The whole body ‘toxins’ crap and anyone who believes in it.
  • The possum in my garden.
  • My habit of writing good ideas on tiny bits of paper and shoving them in a drawer.
  • Those who have personality changes when spending time with certain people.
  • Bad friends.
  • My weight.
  • Going a day without delicious food (conflicts with above dot point).
  • Spending hours passively watching shows, movies and youtube.
  • My complete lack of ability to stick to a habit.
  • Pittosporum undulatums.
  • Shitty posts like this ‘This is how you become unattractive and you’re not aware of it’.
  • Weekends only containing two days.
  • Fleas.
  • People who don’t use indicators.
  • Drivers doing 60 in the 100 zone on a Friday afternoon.
  • Celebrity gossip magazines.
  • Sexism
  • Racism.
  • “Im not racist/sexist/homophobic but…”
  • Chipped nail polish.
  • “Everything happens for a reason”
  • Not finding out what that reason is.
  • Being outside of avocado season.
  • Fruit from cold storage.
  • Mowers/leaf blowers/loud outdoor machinery.
  • “ATM machine”, “PIN number”.
  • FOMO.
  • Not flushing.
  • Alcohol and everything about it.
  • Leaving tissues in pockets and washing it.
  • Being asked if I need help while I am browsing in a shop.
  • People who don’t have to carry a kayak parking right next to the boat ramp while I park up the hill and carry a 3m long kayak. 

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