Stress Assess

Every so often I like to do a stress assess, where I write in one column everything I am doing that is adding to my workload. Next to that, in another column I write down what can be done to solve my stress related to that item. It also gives me a perspective on what is actually important and what is not worth worrying about.

Problem Solution
Dirty fish tank Assign a day where all you have to do is clean the fish tank.
Dirty Harry cage Vacuum his mess when vacuuming the house.
Vacuuming whole house Do downstairs and upstairs on different days. Do not plan to do all the chores on the same day, as you will not complete any of them.
To do lists Fuck to do lists. Do not give them deadlines if you create one.
Writing Do it as enjoyment until the Christmas holidays- only when you want to.
Mentoring Be strict. Important.
Naturopath Budget and follow. Be strict. Important.
Food plan Follow. Be strict. Important. Find sugar free snacks once a week. Have a yummy dinner once a week.
Supplements Treat them as mandatory medicine but don’t beat yourself up about them if you forget.
Financials Have a written budget. Use budget book. Pay bills and rent first. Impulse items go on a list. If you want them after 30 days, you can get them.
Car maintenance The major repairs are completed and Dad can help if it gets dire. No sweat.
Contributing to blog Do not feel obliged, treat it the same as writing.
Watching too much TV Follow the rules you wrote up a few months ago. Schedule YouTube binges.
Having so many podcasts to listen to Delete ones you haven’t listened to in 30 days.
Messy bathroom It’s not that messy. Organise it in day, night and spares compartments.
Messy cupboard Get rid of unused or unread books.
Work- behaviour Don’t let it get to you. Give detentions, follow up with head teacher, ring home.
Work- accreditation Important this term. Find a unit of work and get work samples. Talk to Lynne, talk to Jon for info.

Reflection: Compared to this time last year, there are significantly less stress related items yet some are more important. Can cancel any that are not on the important list and focus on less.

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