Reasons To Stay Alive- Matt Haig

Im starting this book review before I finish the book. Why? It speaks to me.

Have you struggled from depression or anxiety? Do you know anyone that has? If yes, you need to read this book. You need to read this book to know your not alone. To get insight into the world of someone with depression and anxiety. To realise simple things like going to the shops is hard for some people. To know when someone screams at you and then has a melt down, it wasn’t aimed at you. They are asking for help. They need help.

Matt Haig writes about his major depressive episode and life afterwards. He includes lists such as “Things that make me worse”, “#reasonstostayalive”, “things that depression says to you” and the helpful “how to be there for someone with depression or anxiety” of which I want to print out and distribute to people around me. He fills it with anecdotes that make me feel less alone. He writes with humour. Mostly he demonstrates reasons to stay alive. It is written 11 years after his lowest time and reflects on how it all gets better, that there is some relief eventually.

If you know someone who is having a hard time, give them this book. It might help, it might not. It helped me.

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