Parts of the internet that make me happy:

Austin Kleon

Hungry Planet: What the world eats article

Float Nation Documentary

Refinery 29- How To Weep In Public

11 Totally BS Things Life is too Short For-Huffington Post article

Criminal Podcast

The Minimalists Podcast

Question of the Day Podcast

James Altucher on Medium

40 Years Of Complete Isolation

The Psychopath Test. I got 17.

TED talk: James Veitch– hysterical

TED talk: James Randi

Buster Benson

Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project)

The Minimalists

Zen Habits

Asymmetrical Press

Meet Me At Mikes

FILM: Conversations With My Gardener (SBS on demand)

FILM: The Edukators (also on SBS on demand)

SBS on demand in general!

Buzzfeed on youtube, great for a pick me up

Pixel Thoughts for those thoughts that need to be let go