My Happiness Project

I’ve had The Happiness Project in my bookshelf for almost a year now. I knew that once I read it, I would have to start my own happiness project. It made too much sense. So I put it off, and off, and off. Now I have bit the bullet, so here goes.

Rubin writes about her discussion with her partner, Jamie, where he states “You’re not even depressed?” to which she replies “Thats right”. Well, I am depressed. I think. Well, Im anxious. I know that. So elements of my happiness project are going to focus on health. My project will include going to therapy, which Rubin discounts because she is simply improving her life slightly. I want to improve my life drastically. I am starting at a much lower point than Rubin.

I have tried a range of activities (varying greatly in cost both financially and in time) which have not for me. This is positive in a way so I know what not to include, such as

  • Allowing myself to take control of my mental health and happiness
  • Seeing a naturopath (after 3 long and expensive months I realised I was more anxious as there were too many things to take at varying times, as well as the expensive part eating my savings and my sanity)
  • Karate
  • Saying YES too much
  • Having too many hobbies and possessions
  • Overloading myself with change

Things I have briefly tried that have made a positive change include

  • Waking early
  • Getting sunshine
  • Camping
  • Spending time with animals
  • Hot Yoga

Topics I want to cover

  • Physical health- exercise, diet, reducing weight
  • Mental health- meditation, journalling, therapy
  • Socialising
  • Hobbies

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